About Us

Who we are


SALEM MANSOUR EL SHAER & CO.CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS (LLC) is a leading professional company (license number CN-2093177 issued by Abu Dhabi - UAE)

Our Strategy


We aim to be in the seventh rank through seven branches and seventy qualified employees in the United Arab Emirates and in turn expand locally and globally.

Our Values


Our values distinguish us from others. Thereby, we apply them and undertake initiatives that contribute in achieving them, ....

Our Approach


 Having adopted and implemented the International Standards on Auditing (ISA), the roles of both audit and quality in the accounting transactions have become fundamental across all types of enterprises  

Our Services


Our specialized team works proactively to provide innovative ideas and solutions that increase and optimize the value provided to the companies and institutions by addressing financial transactions, disputes and business problems or by selecting the most effective solution(s) and enabling decision-making on key financial affairs that define the future of those companies and institutions.

Partner’s Experience


 Mr. Salem Mansour El Shaer is a Chartered Accountant with a registration number of (1199) issued by the Accounts Auditors Department, Ministry of Economy, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.